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FullyClothedPissing – The Piss Guru

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Sexy Celine from FullyClothedPissing  found out about a strange piss guru with remarkable powers of achieving highly climactic sex. The unique guy is Guru Steve Q from Fully Clothed Pissing, and he describes that all his capabilities come from a really magic druid rock where plenty of FullyClothedPissing virgins have been sacrificed during ancient times. Well here we are once again with some more awesome scenes for you, and we think that this is the best one yet. For this nice and fresh video we have two very hot and sexy business women as they get taught the pleasure of peeing on one another by this guy that just appeared.

So just sit back and watch them get trained in exchange for their pussies today. This lucky guy got to fuck both of these hot babes and they sure enjoyed the treatment as well. So watch them pay up front with their lovely pussies as they take some nice and balls deep dickings, and then sit back and watch as they pee on one another enjoying themselves some more. Also do check out the past updates that we have here and watch some more sexy and hot cuties getting drenched in piss too. See you guys next time as usual and enjoy this nice video. Bye bye!

See this perverted dude pissing on two hot clothed chicks!

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September 28th, 2011 at 9:46 am

Fully Clothed Pissing – Piss Buffet

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Morgan Moon and her friend Eva Everheart from Fully Clothed Pissing videos discover that the self serve buffet is closed, and these poor babes missed it. They influence manager Steve Q from FullyClothedPissing to make an omission only this one time and prepare extra food just for these two fullyclothed pissing sluts. Not a problem, says stud Steve Q, as long as these babes are down for an extremely pissy appetizer. This is one hot and superb show and you shouldn’t miss it for the world today. Both of these babes took their turns to have fun with this guy’s cock and you get to see it all for this afternoon.

Like we said, you simply can’t miss seeing these two getting fucked. Watch the lady in the orange top take one hard style dicking as she rides the dude’s dick, and see her take his jizz load all over her sexy black leather pants. And enjoy the other babe getting a nice and thorough fucking as well as the dude fucked her nicely from behind blowing his load all over her sexy ass. Enjoy as by the end, the babes finish on a superb note pissing over one another’s luscious bodies today and for your viewing pleasure. See you next week as always guys and enjoy this update. Goodbye!

Watch this dirty dude pissing on two sexy clothed ladies!

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September 28th, 2011 at 9:40 am

Fully dressed lesbians pissing

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Morgan Moon from Fully Clothed Pissing videos believed she was just gonna have a low-key day time on the pub, looking good as hell and drinking on her beverage, however when lesbian pissing Claudia Adams, today blonde and looking crazy in her sexy pink satin shirt, this afternoon happens to be anything but dull! Before she realizes it Morgan from fullyclothed pissing is getting her cunt licked up kitty type by the often deviant sexy Claudia, so when the barman receives a glimpse of the activity he gets out from the bar and enters this lesbian pissing session with a hard cock and lots of piss to bust across these women after he fucks the hell out of this FullyClothedPissing whores!

And you simply can’t miss this show that we bring you today everyone. The two hotties that we had were dressed super sexy and they were more than happy to show off those luscious bodies of theirs too. The main focus should be on the lady wearing red though. She is a super cute and hot blonde babe and her red satin costume just made her sexy body curves stand out more. Watch her please her buddy’s wet cunt, and then see her getting drenched in her friend’s piss for the rest of the scene today. We bet that you’ll want to see more of these two and rest assured that you will in a future update. Bye bye everyone and see you next week!


See these hot lesbians pissing on each other clothed body!

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September 28th, 2011 at 9:34 am

Fully clothed pissing lesbians

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When Zuzana Z from fully clothed pissing lesbians feels naughty she feels really naughty, and who may blame her for stifling pink satin blouse Vivien as she has hard it work!? These bangin’ satin ladies make out and free themselves as Zuzana fullyclothedpissing pulls her sexy long legs back and savors as sexy Vivien is massaging her clitoris and sucking her perfect slit after which bringing out the fat dildo and utilizing her craving mouth to dildo screw her sexy babe! There is much more pussy pleasing offered by these two fully dressed women that you will have to see this action several times! In the and of this fully clothed pissing lesbians video they finish the work by pissing across one another with a smile on their cute faces!


Well we bet that you will simply adore them. And as the scene starts off they start with the peeing. See them get fully wet and drenched in one another’s bodily fluids, and then watch the real fun get down, as the cuties just have to please those eager cunts of theirs. You will be able to watch them lick one another’s cunts and finger fucking those wet pussies for a nice lesbian sex scene too. And to finish off on a high note they go for another sexy round of peeing to entice you some more. Enjoy the superb and hot show they have to offer and see you guys next time with more sexy galleries!

Watch these two hot fetish babes urinating on each other!

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September 28th, 2011 at 9:25 am

Fullyclothed pissing

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Steve Q, the playboy of Prague from fullyclothed pissing, comes back home with his fresh conquered alluring girl Amanda Vamp from free Fully Clothed Pissing videos. They cannot actually make it to the bed room, therefore the kitchen area will need to do. Regrettably, the happy couple does not seem to realize their neighbor Daria Glower from FullyClothedPissing is certainly unhappy with their noisy, troubling, late-night sex. Daria goes into Steve’s condo and states her disappointment, however this just brings stud Steve to the realization that Daria is not actually annoyed over the sounds, but instead she is just irritated because her cunt has not seen much visitors lately…and Steve Q has absolutely no problem fixing this thing, particularly with some warm piss!

Well here we are once more with some fresh scenes as promised, and today you will be amazed with this nice and hot pissing show. The two sexy ladies gave this lucky dude a good fucking and they were both pleased by the end after he fucked them nice and hard with his big cock. But the sexy women were no where near being done as they wanted to have some more fun with their dirty little fetish today too. So just sit back and watch the show continue after the fucking and see these lovely women pissing all over each other. As usual we’re hoping that you enjoyed the show and we’ll see you next week with more content everyone!


See this lucky dude banging two clothed urinating babes!

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September 28th, 2011 at 9:15 am

Pissing girls in action

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V.I.P client Tatiana Milovani from Fully Clothed Pissing gallery has been asked to a personal meeting in regards to a new product from the Orgymax Fat Dildo Corporation. Fullyclothed pissing Tatiana is a pissing girls fan and also a big toy enthusiast, we all know that, and because of this she’s earned her rank as this firm’s main customer with special rights, including this primary look with firm CEO Regina and sexy assistant Amy. After some time Regina gets into the scene, and this CEO believes in her merchandise so much that this babe jumps in for some dildo-charged girl on girl threesome motion! It does not stop there for these pissing girls, however, since they will not fully pleased till they all piss across one another’s FullyClothedPissing sexiness!


Well as another hot and fresh week started we just had to bring you this hot trio of women having fun with piss. Sit back and watch the water works as these ladies enjoy a nice and relaxing afternoon all by themselves in a nice and luxurious hotel room. You get to see them wet one another’s faces as they let their juices flow today and we bet that you’ll simply love this hot scene. Sadly we have to take our leave once more but not before leaving this with you guys. Enjoy the nice update and see you guys next time like always with more.

See these fully clothed girls pissing on one another’s face! 

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September 28th, 2011 at 9:03 am

Piss Frisbee

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Naughty Rachel La Rouge and kinky Frida from Fully Clothed Pissing videos were looking to have a good, calming morning at their home, just gossiping and going out in their fancy outfits as ladies do. Nonetheless, when the dude nearby accidentally throws his Disc throwing to the two Eurosluts, the mid-day completely shifts. Rachel and Frida from FullyClothedPissing choose to play some games with their brand new friend. They’re not giving the Disc throwing back till they obtain a little strip exhibit, however when that takes place the ladies cannot keep their filfthy  fingers off his big fat penis, and from that on the mid-day turns into a wild fully clothed pissing orgy! These two nasty sluts just cannot get enough of getting shagged and then getting their totally dressed bodies soaked in piss!

Well these hotties sure were eager to get all of this started. So let’s not wait around any longer and see them get to work. Sit back and watch another super sexy and hot outdoor scene taking place in the back yard with three very horny people. The two babes let the dude fuck them nice and hard for this session, but what they really wanted was to get all wet with piss, and they got to do that too. Enjoy this nice and hot pissing fest and have fun watching everyone drenching each other today. See you next week everyone and enjoy this scene until then!


watch these two hot babes in a great pissing sex party!

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September 28th, 2011 at 8:53 am

Fully clothed pissing girls

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Rich diva named Tatiana Milovani from fully clothed pissing girls is chilling out in her backyard and putting her new house maid poor Laura Crystal from fullyclothedpissing girls at work, and while she is doing a respectable job at the normal maid tasks Tatiana needs a lot more from her help, and when trendy babes Rachel Evans and sexy Laetitia from fullyclothed pissing arrive maid Laura will probably learn precisely what these ladies wake up to! Before she is aware of it,she trapped in an outdoor Fully Clothed Pissing lesbian party with three other totally clothed ladies, and in little time these women are perspiring and stroking under the afternoon sunlight for an extremely hot vagina munching "meal". It gets better these girls have in store, nevertheless, because when heating up and wet in the sunshine the best treatment is some wet golden showers all over one another, and all these warm piss freaks decide to soak it up!


As the cameras start to roll, you get to see that today we have  rather special little scene for you guys. For this afternoon we have no less than four horny women ready to get naughty and they are all dressed sexy and cute. Watch as they go wild with one another in the back yard today and see them pissing all over one another drenching those sexy and hot outfits. You can enjoy this nice and hot scene with these four lesbians here so make sure you watch each and every image here today. Bye bye and see you next time with another update guys!

See these lesbians in a hardcore fuck and piss party!

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September 28th, 2011 at 8:46 am

FullyClothedPissing – Drowning Their Problems In Piss

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Satin dressed Emma from fullyclothedpissing has made an consultation with a doctor to get a lot of things off of her heavy chest, however by the time the session is finished she will have urine all over her heavy chest ! The doc method is a big success, due to the fact right away these 3 are in a serious Fully Clothed Pissing threesome in which ends up doing all of them a lot of great things, and with sweet Emma’s mind and vagina relaxed. Fullyclothedpissing remedies everything, therefore come get some good therapy yourself and let’s get this hot show on the road today.

The two sexy and hot brunettes that we have for you guys today managed to pick up this lucky dude at a party, and as you can see they fully took advantage of him. One thing this guy didn’t know is that the two hot babes are very dirty minded and they do have one particular fetish that they always like to stick to. So after both of them make sure to get his cock nice and hard, the two sexy sluts have the guy piss all over them today. Well we hope that you’ll enjoy it too and we’ll be seeing you guys next week with some fresh content. Bye bye and see you then!


Watch these sluts in clothes getting fucked and pissed on!

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September 28th, 2011 at 8:39 am

Fully clothed pissing gallery

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Occasionally when you are in the park and also the disposition is right you simply gotta go for the precious metal, and in this example that signifies plenty of fully clothed pissing gallery golden shower activity under the warm summer sunshine, not to mention these two attractive Eurosluts will get as wild as they can in this purecfnm FullyClothedPissing episode! One sexy blonde, one brunette, and all excellent as fuck once they get their enthusiast on! This one is gonna end in a creamy cumshot and lots of piss all over these ladies, and that is just the way these vogue loving babes like it!!


We bet that you must be eager to see this superb show get started so let’s not wait around any longer to just watch these babes have fun. As you can see, both of them were wearing some fine and sexy outfits, and they would surely turn this guy on no matter what. Let’s sit back and enjoy these two as they get around to have as much fun as they want with this stud today. You can watch the two hot babes as they make out and kiss passionately while the guy unleashes his yellow torrent all across their hot bodies and cute faces. So enjoy this nice scene everyone and see you next week with some more stuff.

See these hotties in a hot fuck and pissing 3 some!

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September 28th, 2011 at 8:33 am